A Sexy Performance

If thought I’d branch out and include music on here, as it is a good love of mine. And music can have such a sexual pulse to it. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a big Madonna fan. And she is someone who has used sex in a powerful way during the course of her career. So to celebrate that, here’s a very raunchy performance of hers that definitely got people hot under the collar.

What Are Your Favourite Kinds of Foreplay?

Foreplay is a marvellous thing. Before the actual sex, it can get equally as hot and heavy with certain things sending the mind racing. So which parts of foreplay do it for you? Do you prefer for it to go on for a while or quickly get stuff going. Whichever it is, be sure to contribute your sexy answers right here.


How Often Do You Masturbate?

On my recent Q&A I was asked by the fabulous Jill how many times I masturbated and what over and it inspired me to also ask this question of my followers. Masturbation is a totally natural form of pleasure for many and healthy for your sexual urges. So how often do you masturbate and what do you masturbate over? Keep the answers coming. And if anyone is curious, for me it’s twice a day.

A Sexual First Part 1

This post is inspired by a recent, eye-opening sexual encounter of mine. The names of the people involved have been changed to keep anonymity, but the contents of the encounter is all true. So sit back and enjoy this sensual experience of mine.

Sasha smiled as she opened the door to her place, her lacy dressing gown revealing generous cleavage. She had that look in her eye that was akin to a naughty child stealing from the cookie jar. I knew what she was up to; she wanted to watch me have sex with a guy for her enjoyment and fantasy. My mind was racing at the idea, halfway between nerves and excitement that went up and down like a lost ship. In one breath, I was terrified that id mess up her dream and in the other, I really wanted to explore my sexuality a bit more.

Sasha ushered me into her bedroom, a vision of blue and purple lit by a few candles. You could tell she was setting up the mood for pleasure and experimenting here. “So baby, I must say thanks for agreeing to this” she cooed, brushing her fingers through her hair as she spoke.

“Well it’s going to be a first for me” I stumbled with my words a bit before gaining composure, “But I’m up for it Sasha, you know how I’ve always wanted to experiment”.

She nodded and started removing my shirt. The sensation of her fingers turned me on and she pushed me onto a cushioned seat. I was nervous, but at the same time intrigued by what would unfold within the afternoon. She walked towards the door and like a sexy magician, revealed what would be in store for me.

Signalling the sexual ambience that would permeate the hours, a tall, shirtless man entered the room. He had noticeably wavy hair that was unruly and copious. His muscled physique was on full display as he walked towards me. I didn’t quite know what to do at that minute, but this man shook my hand.

“Hi” he charmingly uttered, “Sasha’s told me a lot about you”. The tone of his voice put me at ease quickly. He drank a bit of the champagne on the side. I was unsure of what to say next. Finally I decided to answer.

“So you’ve done this before then” was my lame reply. Who even says that? I felt embarrassed and stupid, but Clayton didn’t seem at all bothered by my gawky attitude.

“You’ve got a deep voice” he said with a cheeky smile to which I must have gone red at.

“Well it’s the only one I’ve got” I answered, with a slight chuckle. Clayton laughed too, and continued to swig his champagne.

“There’s nothing to be frightened of” he said with certainty ” You’ll be fine and you do have a fine ass on you” he said, edging closer to me. I felt his hand touch my face and he turned my head in his direction. I had to admit at this point I was starting to feel aroused, especially as I could see Sasha reclining in her seat and biting her lip. This was really turning her on and I must say, my curiosity was peaking too. There was no denying that Clayton was a handsome guy and clearly knew what he was doing. My nerves started to dissipate a bit, now I felt a bit more at ease.

I turned to Clayton and couldn’t help but notice his hazel eyes peering out from under that blonde hair. He moved forward and kissed me with the confidence of a champion. Unusually, I didn’t squirm like I thought I might, but actually reciprocated and pulled him closer. Sasha observed, biting her thumb and opening her dressing gown to reveal her killer body. I continued to kiss Clayton, whose lips were full and passionate. It all felt really electric and hot, as his hands slipped over my bare chest. He reached down into my underwear and grabbed my cock. I let out a stifled breath, as his large hands started to masturbate me. I felt like a king, the pleasure from his hands was amazing and just at the right tempo. I helped him remove my underwear, as I being the giver I am, started to play with his cock. He was well endowed and certainly not shy in that department.

“Is that good enough for you?”, he smiled, taking a break from duties, “You seem to have a hand on things.” I went to answer, but the pleasure was too much and I sort of mumbled something incoherent. Out the corner of my eye, I could see Sasha fingering her pussy with a rhythmic motion. Clayton then dropped to his knees and with a vigorous move, began to suck my cock. I could feel his tongue around my penis, round and round it went. My heart was beating quickly as sweat poured from me and I threw my head back in ecstasy, my hands leaving his organ. He began to get quicker in his suction to the point where I was going to cum, but he slowed down every time. This was very teasing it must be said. I can’t believe I thought this experience was going to be awkward. If anything, it was a hot eye opening event for me.

Sasha took a position at the edge of the bed, she winked seductively as she stroked her breasts. Her other hand reached to her pussy and began fingering intensely. A gentle moan from her was heightened by the atmosphere. It seemed that the heat was rising now and most of it was coming from Clayton and I. So what lay in store? That’s for next time.

So what did you make of this first chapter of the experience of mine? Did you find it intriguing to read?

Upcoming Things on Here

Here’s a quick note on what you can expect to see on this site in the near future:

  • More sexy fiction and poetry, which I know I’ve been slacking on lately.
  • Definitely some gif posts of sexy booties.
  • A story of a recent, eye-opening sexual experience of mine.
  • And to top it off, maybe some sexy music posts to round things off.

And if there are any suggestions you want to make, leave them in the comments. I’d be happy to oblige.

Sexy Q&A

Seeing how this blog has attained a very pleasant and wonderful response, it’s time to break out a Q&A. As this is a sexy blog, I want you to ask me naughty questions( with class of course, haha). But you can ask me anything sex related, just as long as it isn’t offensive. Anything else, please ask all you sexy people as I feel it’s going to get hot in here. I’m looking forward to your questions as a way to connect with you.

A Revealing Interview

To tie in with yesterday’s post, I found this video online. It’s somewhat awkward, revealing and funny in how the guy just asks the questions. I mean, I ask questions on here but I’d never have the balls to ask someone face to face. Anyway, enjoy the video and feel free to answer the question he poses.


Bubble Bath

Bubbles galore

Like a foamy shore

Around our bodies

Begging for more

My hands on breasts

Like treasure chests

Your figure’s a vision

Of sexual tests

A kiss on the lips

A grip on your hips

And the whole night’s rocking

As respectability slips






In the Bathroom

She pulled me into the black coloured cubicle with a devilish look in her eyes. I was super excited as the idea of something naughty in a public place had been on my mind for a while. The thrill of possibly being caught turned me on, stemming from my longing for nakedness  that had been latent for a time but was now emerging. Her raven hair shone in the somewhat dim light, cancelling out the slightly seedy bathroom which we’d stumbled into. Slowly, she removed my jeans and grabbed my stiff cock, clenching it in her dainty but firm hands. I gasped slightly at the touch of her, she fondled with cock with a deep assurance.

“Damn”I said, trying to catch a breath “You are amazing.”

With that she started sucking my member, her red lips sliding up and down the shaft like a carnal yo-up that wouldn’t stop. Her hazel eyes watched my reactions to her oral skills, which where simply sublime. Her tongue licked the tip of my cock like a wave lapping at the sand, as my staring came to admire her perky breasts and generous bottom. A sudden chattering at the door startled me, but she kept at it with a voracious appetite.

“Just ignore it baby” she said, temporarily taking a break from her expertise in the oral department. With that, she went back to business again, making my body tingle with desire for her. Removing her mouth from my dick, she laughed quietly at the person outside the cubicle.

“Some of us need to go” came the aggrieved voice from outside. A second knock sounded loudly. I just wanted this woman to go away and leave us alone. Had she no idea that she was disturbing a horny moment? Obviously not, because she kept hitting the door. I turned my attentions back to the event in front of me.

The girl at my feet continued her display of erotic talent, getting quicker with her strokes. I felt a sensation growing stronger inside me that I couldn’t hold in anymore. I let out a stifled shout as I reached climax, it was then I noticed that the knocking at the door had stopped. I gazed down and she threw her head back in an ecstatic fashion that turned me on even more.