Tending to the Rose Part 4

The footsteps grew louder as the headed for the bedroom door. Verity and Jason couldn’t move, their bodies had become ice at the idea of being caught. The door eventually swung open and Verity and Jason quivered with panic. But to their surprise, it wasn’t Don in a vengeful mood who entered, it was Jason’s wife Nina. She was a petite woman of attractive face, short red hair and slender body; her expression though was quite different from what Jason expected. Instead of anger at her cheating spouse, she looked stimulated by the whole idea.
Jason’s jaw virtually hit the floor, as he scrambled to cover his cock with the sheets. Verity used her hands to cover her prominent breasts, turning away to avoid her mainly shaved lush being shown.
“Baby, I can explain, Jason exclaimed “This isn’t what it looks like”. He scrambled over the bed, keeping the sheet across his groin as he did so.  Nina examined him up and down and surprisingly, she let out a laugh.

” Jason, look at you all panicked” she coyly uttered, playing with her flaming hair ” I’ve known about your little fuck sessions for a while now”.

With that, Verity sat up like someone had prodded her in her back. Her breasts bounced as she did this. She was shocked, not only did she know that Jason was married, now his wife turned up clearly horny.

“Come again sister?” said Verity ” You knew about us and now what do you want?”.

A wicked grin formed over Nina’s face. ” Why of course I want to join you” she slyly said.  Jason’s ears pricked up at this point, he was off the hook and far from in the bad books again. He leapt from the bed, his Adonis body glistening in view of the sun and headed towards.

“Nina, are you serious?” he crooned, not quite believing what may transpire. She looked into his eyes and nodded, her full mouth parting with an erotic message. Both parties now looked at the naked Verity, whose expression was getting more difficult to read.

Verity may have been annoyed, but her mind was slowly getting aroused by the possibility of someone else. She rolled over on the sheets and beckoned Nina towards her. The slender Nina obliged, removing her blouse as she did so. It revealed a petite but perky set of breasts that compliment her svelte physique. Verity pulled Nina closer and planted a kiss on her lips. This was her first time kissing a woman, though she’d often fantasized about it. She was a pro it seemed, as their lips continued to caress and their hands began playing with each other’s nipples. Jason stood at the foot of the bed, slowly massaging his large cock at this seductive sight in front of his eyes. Not only was his wife pleasuring his mistress, they were really going for it. He felt so turned on by this display that he moved on to the bed to observe it more clearly. Nina moved her head down Verity’s breasts, sucking the pert nipples as she did. Verity moaned intensely at this stimulation, finding her manicured hand heading straight for her pussy. In and out went her fingers, hitting the spot in ways she hadn’t known before. Jason leaned in to kiss Verity, catching her off guard but pleasing her nonetheless. Nina gazed up and smiled like an impish child at her handsome husband. There was an odd look of pride on her face, as if she was going to repay her cheating husband for his deception with a sensual outcome.

Verity whispered to Jason, ” Your wife’s a fucking pro at pleasure”. He nodded as he clasped her right breast in his hands.

“Of that I’m sure”, he wolfishly answered, watching as Nina’s attentions turned to Verity’s pussy.

“Who says three’s a crowd?” Nina laughed, placing her tongue on Verity’s pussy in quick succession.

The day was sure turning into something unexpected for all  involved.

Riding Me

I thrust into you

As you writhe and moan

With a growing motion

And a bouncing tone

You roll on top

With the force of a rider

I utter a laugh

As my cock is inside her

The bed bangs and bangs

As we go for it all

With a thrusting and riding

The world has never known

As we slow it down

And catch our glory

We get back in saddle

For another story




Invite Me In

I stand outside
As you shake your ass
As I drop my case
Among the grass

You invite me in
With a glint in tour eye
And my hands are fixed
Along your thigh

You gasp with love
And grab my cock
And I know from your face
This night will rock

What Is Your Favourite Sex Position?

A popular question indeed and one that can be difficult to answer. So I’m putting it to all of you; which sex position is your favourite? Something traditional or something naughty? Below is a quick video of guys speaking of their favourites to inspire your thoughts.

Does Size Matter?

I told you ladies there’d be a naughty question for you so here it is; does size matter to you? Do you think it’s not a big deal? Or is it a must that a man be packing? Whatever you think, please answer. Anyone can throw their two cents in, so guys you can answer too. Here’s a video for a bit of incentive.


Boobs or Bums?

It’s that age old question that divides opinion. Now it’s being put to my followers; which do you prefer? And this post isn’t just aimed at guys, women can take part as well. And in the future there will be some naughty stuff for the female followers so no worries. So does a pair of boobs get you going? Or a lovely bum? The video below may help you with the incentive.

By the Ocean

Meet me at the beach

Where I’ll strip and wait for you

Where you’ll emerge from the clearing

Knowing exactly what to do

Your body will exude a sensual force

As your lips wrap around my cock

As I throw my head back

Vibrating with a powerful shock

We roll across the sand

Abandon and inhibitions leaving

As our desires reach a fever pitch

And a couple watches on seething

The waves soak our nakedness

Lapping around frames

Cleansing our naughty actions

Screaming each other’s names


I’m So Horny

This post is supposed to be tongue in cheek mostly. But lately, I genuinely have been feeling horny and restless. Does anyone have any tips to cure it? Ha ha, well I’m sure there’s something I could do, but I’m too shy to do so. Can any of you help a blogging friend heat things up?

Tending to the Rose Part 3

The air was hot and humid as Jason entered Verity. She screamed in ecstasy at the sensation of his cock in her pussy, it was heaven for her. Jason grinned like a hungry wolf as he pushed himself back and forth, bringing with it moans and a look of complete abandon on Verity’s face. Their bodies were now entwined in a rhythmic motion, gratifying the needs for both as a mutual wave of sexuality washed over them.

“Ooh baby” yelped Verity ” No one fucks me this good”. Jason grabbed her breasts and began to play with them, his large hands more than satisfactory at grabbing the pleasant bosoms in his view.

” Well honey” said Jason in that voice that could make panties drop ” You’re in need of some quality fucking”.  With this he began to thrust harder, Verity dug her nails into his back like a wild lion as his body continued to pulsate and feed her fire. The bed rocked with the occasionally syncopated sound, a coitus xylophone if you will.  Jason knew he was a good fucker, every woman had told him that. Yet there was something different with Verity that he couldn’t resist, perhaps the very fact that she was out of his league may have been of some consequence. After a while, as sweat formed over every inch of their respective bodies, it was time for something new.

Verity rolled over and waited as Jason got himself ready for some ass action. Jason thrust her juicy buttocks up to him and plunged his large cock into her ass. Verity’s body fell forward, her face grazing the sheets as his strokes became more intense. Her ass was made for sex with its beautifully shaped roundness and ability to clench a cock, refusing to let go. Jason grunted seductively as he watched her peachy buttocks smack against his balls, like a sexual tug of war that refused to cease. He reached his hands around her body and vigorously began to finger her pussy. Verity was now in a peak of carnal pleasure. No one had fucked her this good and kept coming back for more. Jason was the stud that she’d been wanting for so long, especially as Don could hardly get it up when the occasion arose. She was near climax now and within minutes, her girlish scream of pleasure rang out. Verity and Jason collapsed on the bed, exhausted from this session of intense fucking.

The sudden sound of the front door opening startled both Verity and Jason. Could this be the moment that their tryst would be discovered?

To be continued.

Have You Ever Been to a Nude Beach?

Many followers will know I occasionally practice nudism. I find it liberating to get out of my clothes and let it all hang out. The idea of going to a nude beach appeals to me, though I’ve never done it. The question I want to ask is, would you ever consider going to a nude beach? Have you by any chance visited one before. If you have, what was it like? Would you ever consider shedding your clothes on a beach like this? Whatever floats your boat is what I say.