What Do You Like About Asses?

The second instalment of this series is asking about asses. Bums, butts, bottoms, peaches, what ever you refer to it as. What is it that makes them desirable and so arousing?
For me that would be:

The roundness
The firmness
The sensuality of it swaying
The tightness

I’ve shared my reasons, now it’s time for yours.

My Idea of Romance

I’m going to go all romantic on everyone now, and a bit more suave than usual. While I’ve never really experienced romance before, I like to think that someday it will present itself. And when it does, here are some of the things I believe it will be like.

  • A nice stroll along the beach at nighttime.
  • A candlelit dinner cooked by the not so prepared me.
  • A trail of roses leading to a finely made bed.
  • Marvin Gaye and Barry White serenading in the background.
  • Laughing and embracing until the early morning.
  • Beautiful love being made.

So call me cheesy, but I’d love me some of that.

More Sexiness

I like to be the provider of sexiness and I never want to disappoint. So here’s a collection of shots that scream hot stuff. And before I forget, thanks to everyone for your response to these posts. You’ve all been dandy followers and friends.

So Incredibly Horny

I feel so incredibly horny today. Maybe it’s because I’m out of action for a while, but my mind is racing with erotic fantasies. The below images signify my horny mood. Caution, the photos will be NSFW.


What Do You Like About Breasts?

This is going to be a running series asking you all about the reasons you like sexual body parts. Today I’m asking about breasts. What is it that fascinates many with them? Whatever you think, be sure to comment.

And if anyone was curious about what I like about breasts, here are my reasons:

  • The perkiness of them
  • The shape of them
  • The feel of them

The next topics will be butts, balls, penis and pussy.

Sexy Thoughts

I’ve been dreaming of your bottom all day long

As well as your breasts and mouth

Been imagining your body in my arms

And working my tongue North to South

You know how to drive my mind wild

With your appetite for fucking

The way you lick my throbbing cock

And are the queen of sucking

I grow hard when your name is spoken

And pleasure myself all night

Picturing your bottom on my body

With your inhibitions out of sight

As we reach the pinnacle

And the thrusting gets intense

You look into my eyes

And my whole world makes sense

Rhythm of Sex

Fast and slow

that’s the way we go

As the desire within us

Gets ready to grow

Bodies intertwined

Like fate has designed

Has our pleasure planned

And perfectly aligned