Tending to the Rose Part 1

This is going to be my first piece of erotic writing in short story form. If content like this offends you or you are too young to read things of an adult nature, you might want to turn away. For everyone else, enjoy and please leave feedback.

Verity Rose brushed a strand of her flaxen hair out of her eyes as she gazed out of her bedroom window. It was a scorching hot day and the sweat formed across her brow, glistening in the sultry sunlight. She was a tall 21-year-old whose icy blue eyes were of particular notice and whose hair fell to her chest. Her lithe body was clothed in a lacy red lingerie set, that more than showed off her ample breasts that many could be found gawping at , whether they liked it or not. Verity was starting to grow impatient as she gently stroked the window pane, her delicate hand stopping at the edge and concealing her restless desire . Looking out over her large estate, her mind began to wander to a place of hidden feeling that no amount of peaceful trying could keep down. She knew that her husband Don, whose idea of fun was counting his coin collection and who was considerably older than her, wouldn’t be back for hours. But the worry was still creeping up on her.

“Hurry” she whispered, ” What can be taking you so long?”.

As if by a stroke of magic, the sound of the front door opening alleviated her impatience. Her face curled into a kittenish smile that made her eyes sparkle. She moved quickly towards the large bed at the centre of her room, an almost palatial layout of exquisite elegance. Verity slipped her hands to her bra strap and unhooked it. Her plump breasts were now unencumbered and quickly grew pert with excitement. The bra was thrown against a golden chair, where it lingered like a leering ghost. Sashaying to the bed with a swing in her hips, her knickers were dispatched with slinky precision. Her peachy buttocks shone as the light caught their rounded shape in its glare. She was a pro at undressing, though her husband was no expert at this and couldn’t bring out any satisfaction for her. The notion of stimulation would soon be at hand for her and it thrilled her.

A few minutes passed as Verity lay on her bed, her nude body a vision against a dark blue sheet. The door to the room slowly opened, the sound of the wood against the carpet rustling like a collection of leaves. She turned, her bountiful breasts swinging slightly as her body assumed an alluring position of reclining.

“Well, when you said a room with a view I never expected this” came the masculine and cunning voice that entered the room.Β The deeply resonant voice belonged to Jason; a bald and ruggedly handsome man, who worked as gardener for Verity. He stood at the foot of the bed, admiring the display of nakedness that was presented before him. His dark eyes surveyed the curves of her body, that were just pleading for someone to touch.

Over the last few months, Verity’s pouting and deliberate flirtations had won muscular Jason over, both in and out of the bedroom. They had to be careful with their steamy affair, keeping it from the multitude of servants that were employed on the vast estate. Yet Verity found it often arousing that they could be discovered at any time. The only person who she feared finding out was Don. She knew that something like this would prove pretty explosive for him, despite his lack of affection towards her. For the time being, Verity wanted some lust and untamed passion in her life.

To be continued



74 thoughts on “Tending to the Rose Part 1

  1. Is Don spying through a peephole in the wall perhaps? (Or up to date, probably a CCTV camera)
    Maybe the coin collection is a diversion for his voyeurism?
    Something of a ‘traditional’ feel mate. ‘Plump breasts’, etc. This sort of stuff has a huge readership though, so good luck with it. I wouldn’t worry about being ‘pervy’. It’s supposed to be a bit pervy after all. I would probably go too far. I would have Don knocking one out as he watched them through his spy-cam, or introduce a ‘willing housekeeper’, for a bi-threesome!
    Cheers, Pete.

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  2. Man, Don sounds like a chump. Great first section! Will Verity and Don ever talk about the distance between them? How did it even come to this? It seems there’s a lot of money, and he’s older, but still there must be something amiss in the reason they’re even together? Will Jason and Don duke it out over Verity? SO many questions.

    Also love the wordplay in her name. Verity. If Jason goes ahead with what I think they’re gonna do, she’s cheating on her hubby and that ain’t truth in marriage!

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  3. Good stuff, Vinnie. You get right to the action, eh πŸ˜‰ I liked some of the prose though. I think you could milk the lusting for passion early on. Let us know how bad she wants to experience something different (for example). She could imagine this as she begins to disrobe and touch herself… when buddy shows up to ‘pump up the volume’. The audience wants to get absorbed so when the erotic stuff kicks in they are eagerly anticipating it like the character is. Just some 2 cents for the story bank. Hehehe. A very encouraging start, buddy. πŸ™‚ I’m gonna check out the other part and see what happens next.

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  4. You’ve made an excellent start, Vinnie. Building anticipation, and your descriptions of her are not tedious as some can be. You’re a good writer. This story could have lots of elements depending on what you want to explore.

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