Welcome Friends

Here is where I’ll be doing my erotic writing that I promised you on my other site. I just want to get out the way that this work is going to be mature and sexual, of course. I hope you all enjoy what you read here and have a blast( no pun intended.) I promise to post soon, but bear with me while I get to grips with my new house. Don’t fear, I’ll be back.

Me in the morning( I wish)


32 thoughts on “Welcome Friends

  1. Right on #writeon! Congrats on the new site, Vinnie. I’m excited for you. I hope writing in this genre inspires you to keep pushing your craft and pursue other stories as well. It’s not like a thriller or sci-fi can’t have some good sex scenes too 😉 Good luck, my friend.

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      • Fist bump returned… If you want we can swap some stories if that helps you at all. I have some examples I could share from a thriller and a couple paranormal / supernatural romances. They get pretty steamy and may also inspire different ways to structure the erotica. While many dismiss this kind of fiction, it doesn’t mean you have to. As a writer, you should still focus on character. Sure, story may take a backseat (no pun intended) to pleasing the audience, but it doesn’t meant it should be non-existent. Just some 2 cents to add to the advice bank 🙂

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  2. Wow this is hot sexual desire the lusting but so enjoyable and make sure readers feel like they are there with you in that moment and time so far so good I’m looking forward in Reading More of this blog but it’s fantastic so far and it’s hot and Sexual and naughty and kinky wow I like it And keep the amazing work

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