Tending to the Rose Part 2

Verity opened her eyes and observed Jason licking his lips in anticipation of making love. She coyly smiled as she sat up and spread her legs wide, revealing her mostly shaved pussy.
“You’re late” she uttered, biting her lip with assurance. ” I guess that means you’ll just have to make it worth my while”.

Jason smiled at this remark as he moved closer to the bed.”Well I know exactly how to do that” he said, and with that he thrust himself on the bed and buried his tongue in Verity’s pussy. She moaned intensely as his tongue massaged her blush, causing her body to quiver. Jason was highly skilled in this area, which Verity had learned upon their first fuck on the dining room table. Round and round went his tongue, only stopping for Jason to massage her pert breasts with easy motion. Β She was in heaven now. Why had it taken her this long to lure Jason into her bed? Those thoughts soon thawed as his insatiable tongue wrapped around her tight pussy.

“Damn Jason, where did you learn to do that” Verity groaned, gripping the sheets tightly. Jason looked up with a naughty, rakish smile that turned her on.

” From all the lovely ladies who’ve employed me” he chuckled. His attentions turned to duties and whirled his tongue like a sexual dervish. In between his intense licking, he slowly peeled away his black shirt. His toned physique glowed as the sun smattering it’s Ray’s over his pecs. Verity couldn’t contain herself anymore and letting out a moan, reached climax. Her hands nearly took the covers off the put as she threw her head back and screamed like a champion.

“Oh baby, that was so fucking good” Verity signed, her voice still high from shouting in ecstasy. Jason emerged from between her legs, his face sweaty yet aroused.

“Slow down honey” he crooned “We’ve got the whole afternoon to go”. He smiled as he stood up and unbuttoned his pants. The outline of his penis left an impression on his trousers, he was ready to fuck intensely. Verity was still reeling from her massive orgasm, but gained her composure when she witnessed him slipping off his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, so his hard cock was released with maximum intent. It bounced up and down like a yo-yo upon seeing Verity blowing him a kiss, he was clearly up for another one of their marathon sex sessions. She lay back again, running her hands across her breasts, knowing that this afternoon was just getting started in terms of satisfaction. Jason pulled a condom from his discarded jeans and began to apply it over his raging cock.

“Best to be safe” Verity coolly said “Last thing I need is a little brat running round. It was indeed the last thing she wanted, all she craved now was sexual fulfilment.

To be continued


54 thoughts on “Tending to the Rose Part 2

  1. Well done to Jason for managing to get his shirt off whilst muff-diving. That’s a skill!
    My favourite bit was ‘Sexual Dervish’. I imagined his tongue spinning around like one of those pocket mini-fans! πŸ™‚
    Don’t forget that not every bloke has a massive schlong though. Keep a thought for Mr Average, with a tongue action more like ‘Sexual Northern Soul’…
    Cheers mate, Pete.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very sexy Vinnie. You have set this up nicely. I like the possibility that they could be discovered , the danger is definitely a turn on. I agree about the technicalities ( the condom) takes a little from the scene. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

  3. So Jason has been around the block a few times… no wonder Verity is screaming in ecstasy! This is a sexy, fast moving romp, Vinnie. It’s interesting that you included the part about wearing the condom… that is a question that often comes up amongst romance writers. Do you stop and do the ‘right’ thing and have responsible sex? Or do you just roll with the fact that it’s all fantasy and have them just go for it, no protection. Or a third option, somehow subtly imply that protection was used, maybe after its all over. Anyway, good show, Vinnie!

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  4. This ramped it up even more. πŸ˜‰ I think readers who love the genre will really enjoy it.

    Consider embellishing moments even more. I find using “she” / “he” in place of names when doing a paragraph of ‘action’ (for example), allows the reader to get even more turned on since they can imagine they are the character(s).

    If you want any more pointers, or would like to swap feedback (I’d send samples), email me. When you’re done with this story, I’d like to see how you’d handle an erotic thriller next with more character development. Try out each style to discover what you enjoy writing the most. Best of luck, buddy!

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  5. So, the condom thing- I usually leave it out unless it adds something to the story. In this case, it shows her personality. And since there was a break in the action, I think it was fine to add it in. I also wouldn’t worry about works like fuck and pussy. There are ways to be more subtle but i don’t think it’s necessary in a story like this. People who want to read erotica should not be complaining about words like this anyway. You’ve done a good job, esp for your first story. It doesn’t really fit in this dynamic but I like to read about touching and kissing. Maybe once they start to have sex? I don’t know. Maybe she is all about getting fucked and no romance. That’s ok too. But try to show her mind and his during things. I like to think about people’s reactions and what they are thinking.

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