What Do You Like To See In Erotica?

As the blog is in its infancy, I wanted to get a feeling of what people like when reading erotica. Is it the encounters themselves? Or do you like characters that you can somehow gravitate towards? Do you prefer subtlety or overt raunchiness? Whatever you think, please comment as I like hearing ideas.


46 thoughts on “What Do You Like To See In Erotica?

  1. I would probably go with something fetishistic myself. The small details can be more exciting than the eventual copulation.
    But remember, it’s an old man’s opinion!
    Good luck with this new blog mate. Here’s to 5,000 followers!
    Cheers, Pete.

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      • Many men like fetish objects associated with sex. Few women do though. Shoes, stocking-tops, fur, see-through underwear, and so on. Verity stripped off a little early!
        relating to sexual fetishism.
        “a fetishistic obsession with leather outfits”
        having an excessive and irrational devotion or commitment to a particular thing.
        “their almost fetishistic attention to detail”

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  2. The element of surprise always appeals to me. As a same gender loving married man, Not knowing what to expect is better than assuming it’s always the same old routine. Thanks for asking for input. Naked hugs!

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  3. Ohh erotica.. different för everyone and honestly you can’t satisfy everyone. Write the stuff that gets you going and I promise the reader will enjoy it as well.

    If you will try to put in character, romance, BSDM, fetishes off all kinds + any other kinks just to satisfy us all you will end up with a fucked up story.. 😆

    So honestly, my opinion is that our opinion doesn’t matter in the long run, of course listen to your readers but don’t try to write anything that is not for you… Or we will notice it.. not sure this makes sense but hope u understand what I mean..

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  4. I like anything out of the norm or any little details that explain this particular character’s sexual personality. Like, someone who loves all things leather, or someone who needs to be talked through their orgasm, etc. Anything that makes someone stand out and be memorable. It adds an element of heat for me.


  5. I haven’t really read much to be honest, so I’m looking forward to reading yours. It’s great to take pointers from others, but we really want to read what you want to write. I read your first piece and it was really good. As a book editor, I find it hard to read for fun, as if it’s written badly, I end up reading it in “work mode” and can’t really enjoy it. I didn’t get anything like that with your work, it was really well written. Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

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  6. I’m afraid I look for something different every time I go to read erotica, but that doesn’t mean that certain aspects don’t draw me in more than others. You mentioned characters, and I absolutely hold the belief that strong characters with backstories will draw the reader in more. That said, some people go into erotica with the expectation that the action will get there quickly, and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for character development. As for what I look for in erotica: I have a weakness for the taboo partnerships. I like the danger involved, and I love the sense of self-doubt that the characters face while trying to resist the temptation. Also, most clichés are difficult to stay interested in.

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