What’s the Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Done Sexually?

This will be the first of many posts that ask certain naughty questions. By the way, if you don’t wish to answer that is totally good with me. For those who do I ask, what’s the most adventurous thing you e done sexually? Was it some naughty outside action? Or something kinky? Whatever it is, feel free to give your answers. 


79 thoughts on “What’s the Most Adventurous Thing You’ve Done Sexually?

  1. A friend: I read porn because sex is too dirty for me.
    Me: . . . I write porn because sex isn’t dirty enough for me.
    My actual love life is incredibly lacking, but it just takes so much work to interact with people enough to get worthwhile freaky hahahahah.

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  2. My ‘confession’ has to mostly come from distant memories, I’m afraid, but here goes…

    1) I once had sex on a train. It was the old-style compartment carriages, and I was travelling on a commuter train that was reasonably full. When nobody else came into our compartment, we got a bit ‘previous’ in the 15-minute gap between stops. It was all over very quickly, as you might imagine. Then again, I was only 22.

    2) On holiday in Crete with my first wife in the mid 1980s, we went into the sea because it was 40+ degrees on the beach, and too hot. Despite a fairly crowded beach not far away, we indulged in what is best described as ‘mutual masturbation’, covered by the waves!

    3) In the middle of Hyde Park, London, an ex-girlfriend and I went all the way in broad daylight, in that crowded park. She was sitting on me, covered by a large summer skirt. Both apparently fully dressed, we still managed a decent session, occasionally pausing as people walked past. This was fairly recently, in the late 1990s.

    These may not seem that adventurous, but they felt pretty exciting at the time.
    Cheers mate, Pete.

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  3. Excellent question, sir. I’m not super adventurous, but I’ve definitely done the deed in almost every room of the house we bought last year. Sadly, my all-time fantasy of doing it in the kitchen while pressed up against the counter was quickly quashed – It’s too high! We settled for the floor, instead. 😉

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  4. Nothing too crazy, sex outside a few times (leading in me getting caught once by a security guard, oops). Rope to be tied up sometimes. Haven’t done anything recently since becoming pregnant and having a baby lol one day!

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