Have You Ever Been to a Nude Beach?

Many followers will know I occasionally practice nudism. I find it liberating to get out of my clothes and let it all hang out. The idea of going to a nude beach appeals to me, though I’ve never done it. The question I want to ask is, would you ever consider going to a nude beach? Have you by any chance visited one before. If you have, what was it like? Would you ever consider shedding your clothes on a beach like this? Whatever floats your boat is what I say.


114 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been to a Nude Beach?

  1. I went to look at the nudist beach in Brighton, when it opened all those years ago. Like many at the time, I was curious. Not much to see, really, mostly a lot of old guys with their todgers out. I would definitely never strip off myself, as my body is pretty awful, even for me to look at. I would not want to inflict that sight on others, believe me.
    (And unlike some, I don’t have sufficient fur on MY bum to keep me warm, either…)
    Cheers, Pete.

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  2. Yes, I’ve been to a couple. Yes, I shed everything. It was a little weird at first, but got pretty comfortable with the scene pretty quickly. Most people that frequent them aren’t letcherous so I never felt really uncomfortable. The girls though? They weren’t really ever totally at ease. Would I do it again? Probably.

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  3. Nope. I’m not sure if I would do that considering that most people at nude beaches and at nudist colonies are the kind of people you don’t want to see naked. After all, Quiet Riot played a nudist rock festival in 1999 or 2000 to people who should never be naked.

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  4. Great post and very interesting question. I have read all the comments so far and here is my view. The way I see it, certain people view a nudist beach in a sexual way and others just as a way of life. I have been to one of these beaches and after the initial self awerness is gone it’s fine. However not for me. Now saying that, we do have a jacuzzi at our home and that’s always used with no clothes if it’s just Willaim and myself. I say you must try this and never regret anything or overthink things. Ivan.

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  5. I have there is Fire Island in Long Island NY. I love going because its less crowded lol. The first time I didnt get naked. Unfortunately, last time i went I think they made it a regular beach but i still went topless. Its awesome, cant wait to go to another one. Tried to convinced the boyfriend to join a nudist community for the summertime πŸ˜‹

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  6. I used to live in Brighton and they have a nudist beach, though I never went, or even knew anyone who’d admitted to going. There is an electric railway by the seafront and when you rode the train (this was back in 1999 so I don’t know if it’s changed), you could see onto the nudist beach. The bank was built up to protect the patrons on the beach, so you couldn’t see from the road, but you could from the train! I don’t think I would ever visit one. I didn’t have the confidence in my 20s, and I certainly don’t now I’m nearly 40!

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  7. Yes, I love it! I’m 55 yrs old now and have been going for 16 years off and on. I live in New Jersey where we have Gunnison beach it’s clothing optional. You will find people of all ages, sizes, shapes, nationalities… and everyone is friendly. Both my wife and I love going but be warned its a little bit of a walk about 1/4 mile from the bathrooms to the beach. Thats a 1/4 mile through the hot burning sand but to the victor goes the reward. My first time I was shy and didn’t want to drop shorts but one conversation from the lovely 20 something (Halley Berry look a like) sitting next to me nude, and my shorts came off faster than cars driving on the Daytona speedway. lol She and her boyfriend were great company amount the group of others we met that day. It also gets very crowded if you don’t get there before 8:00 am you may not be able to get onto Sandy Hook National Gateway because the beaches fill up. Gunnison is the next to last beach and it is the first to reach parking capacity. People park at other beaches and walk over to Gunnison. We have met people from as far away as Dover Del. that love to hang out there. During the week the crowds are down but the weekends are very crowded. In short I and my wife love it and to you haters who can’t see past your own faults; I’m sorry but I really don’t apologize for being me and free. Vinnieh, just do it!!!

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  8. Never been to a nude beach before even though I’ve skinny dipped a few times, but would love to try it out some day. I read that there is a nude beach somewhere not too far from my place but I’m not comfortable going there unless someone I know comes with me. πŸ€”

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  10. I go to nude beaches and nude socials whenever I can. Trite, but true: It’s very liberating. What I find fascinating is that nudists have little interest in my skeletal deformities and gay male nudists none at all while the straight, textile world is just the opposite. I literally have not once, not ever taken my shirt off at a straight, textile beach/pool and failed to get a negative reaction from at least one person.

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