Tending to the Rose Part 3

The air was hot and humid as Jason entered Verity. She screamed in ecstasy at the sensation of his cock in her pussy, it was heaven for her. Jason grinned like a hungry wolf as he pushed himself back and forth, bringing with it moans and a look of complete abandon on Verity’s face. Their bodies were now entwined in a rhythmic motion, gratifying the needs for both as a mutual wave of sexuality washed over them.

“Ooh baby” yelped Verity ” No one fucks me this good”. Jason grabbed her breasts and began to play with them, his large hands more than satisfactory at grabbing the pleasant bosoms in his view.

” Well honey” said Jason in that voice that could make panties drop ” You’re in need of some quality fucking”.  With this he began to thrust harder, Verity dug her nails into his back like a wild lion as his body continued to pulsate and feed her fire. The bed rocked with the occasionally syncopated sound, a coitus xylophone if you will.  Jason knew he was a good fucker, every woman had told him that. Yet there was something different with Verity that he couldn’t resist, perhaps the very fact that she was out of his league may have been of some consequence. After a while, as sweat formed over every inch of their respective bodies, it was time for something new.

Verity rolled over and waited as Jason got himself ready for some ass action. Jason thrust her juicy buttocks up to him and plunged his large cock into her ass. Verity’s body fell forward, her face grazing the sheets as his strokes became more intense. Her ass was made for sex with its beautifully shaped roundness and ability to clench a cock, refusing to let go. Jason grunted seductively as he watched her peachy buttocks smack against his balls, like a sexual tug of war that refused to cease. He reached his hands around her body and vigorously began to finger her pussy. Verity was now in a peak of carnal pleasure. No one had fucked her this good and kept coming back for more. Jason was the stud that she’d been wanting for so long, especially as Don could hardly get it up when the occasion arose. She was near climax now and within minutes, her girlish scream of pleasure rang out. Verity and Jason collapsed on the bed, exhausted from this session of intense fucking.

The sudden sound of the front door opening startled both Verity and Jason. Could this be the moment that their tryst would be discovered?

To be continued.


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