Boobs or Bums?

It’s that age old question that divides opinion. Now it’s being put to my followers; which do you prefer? And this post isn’t just aimed at guys, women can take part as well. And in the future there will be some naughty stuff for the female followers so no worries. So does a pair of boobs get you going? Or a lovely bum? The video below may help you with the incentive.


38 thoughts on “Boobs or Bums?

  1. That depends on the woman although lately I’m turned off by fake, fat-asses. Remember the Shannon twins who were in Somewhere? They used to be pretty but then they decided to get boob and ass implants and I was like “ugh…”.

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  2. I go for boobs every time, but only natural ones, not implanted silicone balloons. My feeling is that there are no boobs that are too big, as long as they are real. Nothing like nuzzling in to a massive cleavage, or gasping at nipples the size of large mushrooms.
    I knew you would probably prefer bums though. You’re bum-mad.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    • You’re so very right. Looks are not everything, personality and soul are what truly counts. Still if someone is sexy, it should be celebrated. And if you had to chose, which would you say?


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