Does Size Matter?

I told you ladies there’d be a naughty question for you so here it is; does size matter to you? Do you think it’s not a big deal? Or is it a must that a man be packing? Whatever you think, please answer. Anyone can throw their two cents in, so guys you can answer too. Here’s a video for a bit of incentive.



38 thoughts on “Does Size Matter?

  1. Not being a girl but.. yes! Had my fair share and what I learned is that of course it matters but it truly depends individually, some of my girls wanted a massive toner that could rip the apart while some wanted a decent one that did not hurt. The hurt factor is pretty important, if you get a massive bugger you might not enjoy it as much since you are probably thinking ‘Fucking hell, get that baseball bat put of my pussy now!” πŸ˜† but then, getting a insy bitsy teenie weenie where she is wondering if you are there or not is not going to help one bit.. πŸ˜†

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  2. Size matters and both extremes are not good. An overly large man can be painful but something too small doesn’t appeal either. Plus when you talk about size, you must consider thickness as well as length…

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  3. Just read all the comments, I agree that it’s length and thickness to be considered. Not sure how factual this is but a man with exta large, may battle to keep an erection. Now that may be a hidden answer. On a very different subject yet related in a way, I find women do like to check out a mans bulge. And that’s from personal experience, no I am not going to say what size I am. But women do check us out. Ivan.

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  4. Speaking as someone cursed with a below-average todger, I can confidently say that many women do prefer larger ones, with a decent girth, though maybe not the ‘porn-star’ cocks as big as baguettes. Despite my disadvantage, I have however been married three times, had numerous relationships, and can only once recall a woman who complained that I was not ‘big enough for her’. (Quickest way to get a softie, I can tell you)
    I don’t blame girls preferring biggies though, as I prefer very big tits, so it works both ways.
    (Next time, you can do ‘Shaved pussy, neatly trimmed, or hairy?’ πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Pete.

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  5. I think every comment is true. It all depends on your liking. Some women think an average 6 inch dick is great. Not too big and not too small. Some women accept an average or small dick but lives a cuckold lifestyle to get a bigger dick when she feels she needs one. Maybe you have a 9 inch cock and your partner just really enjoys it. I’m sure he who has had a nine inch cock has had women deny sex or sex was not fun for her because it was too painful. Every woman is different in how much they can take and how much they like to take. If you have a 2 inch cocklett, I’m sure your partner has things she likes about that too πŸ˜‰

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