What Do You Think of Oral Sex?

Another question for all you sexy people. Today we come on to oral sex and what do you think of it. So does oral stimulation do it for you? And why does it turn you on? Please comment as I know you’ll give interesting opinions.


55 thoughts on “What Do You Think of Oral Sex?

  1. I love it, both giving and receiving. It’s as erotic and intimate as can be. I saw others mention being in control, and I suppose that’s part of it. But, I’d really rather give than receive, if I had to pick one, because my biggest turn-on is pleasing my partner, seeing her reactions, and feeling her body’s reaction to me. And I love being face-to-face with her, if you get my drift.

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  2. I actually prefer oral to penetration. In my book, there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ blow-job, just some that are much better than others. As for the other, which for technical reasons, I will refer to as muff-diving, I am always very happy to get down to that, and will stay for as long as the recipient desires the attentions of my tongue. It can also be very exciting when you get a ‘squirter’, although a bit of a shock the first time that happens!
    Cheers, Pete.

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  3. Well, this is quite the conversation! I enjoy both giving and receiving. It’s so very intimate. The lips/mouth/tongue are so nimble, flexible, and variable.

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  4. Interesting, very straightforward question!!
    But am ashamed to say, inexperienced as I am; I don’t know how to answer your questions.
    All I know is, I have the desire, but at the same time, haven’t come across some one that interests ME, that might be interested IN me. And I have NO desire to have sex for the sake of it, or to please judgemental people.
    If I find somebody I like, who would like me as well, I’ll do it; and then I shall answer all your queries!! 🙂

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