What Is Your Opinion on Masturbation?

Ah masturbation, the thing that is so debated by many. Some see it as a disgraceful act, while others think it is perfectly healthy and stimulating. I myself agree with the latter, it’s something that is personal and not causing anyone any trouble. So what does everyone here think about masturbation? Below is a video that is both informative and funny that may help you decide.


35 thoughts on “What Is Your Opinion on Masturbation?

  1. Great question, now I am going to take your question back one step if I may?
    My question would be is how do people view sex, and how do they define what makes sex, SEX? Oral, mutual pleasing, penetration, kissing, and is sex “sex” if you have the big O… and yes to your original question. It’s natural. Ivan.

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  2. Completely natural. Even babies get stiffies, and senile old ladies openly play with themselves in care homes. So it’s one of the first sensations in life, and also one of the last. Anyone (male or female) who says that they don’t do it, or have never done it, is just lying to themselves, and others.
    Mind you, it can make the life of a horny teenage boy hell, having to crack one off up to five times a day, and find somewhere to get the job done! Just as well it slows down a lot when you get older. πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Pete.

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  3. Makes sense why I have clearer skin. Ha!! Ha!!
    Being an old virgin, masturbation is the only euphoric pleasure I experience in my life. And no one has the right to judge me for it. Thanks for uploading this video!!!!!

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  4. Girls absolutely do masturbate. Sometimes we masturbate for our partners, its a turn on like Beach said. Anyway, sometimes you just need a little something to tide you over!

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