My Sexual Fantasies

Time for some confessions of the naughty kind. Everyone has their fantasies and I thought it good to chime in with my own erotic dreams. Now these are ny desires and people may not agree but I’m all for a diverse conversation and would also like to hear your fantasies too. Anyway, without further ado;

I’d love to have my bottom spanked by a leather wearing mistress with a whip. My cheeks can take it.

I’d love to have sex in a car, steamy windows and all. The more public the better.

I’d like to experience something with a guy just once to see what it would be like. I’m open to exploring my sexuality after all.

And finally, I’d enjoy being part of an orgy.

So now that I’ve aired my fantasies, what are yours?



76 thoughts on “My Sexual Fantasies

  1. I’ve done most of the fantasies I’ve had, either pre-wife or with her, though we are still a bit adventurous when the notion strikes. But I’m perfectly content with just the two us. I can see the allure of an orgy. The STD thing would worry me though. I haven’t used a condom in 20+ years, and I really don’t want to have to. 😃😃

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      • Well, I’m 100% hetero, so not into guys, but I’m not one to begrudge anybody their likes or dislikes. Orgy=condom, so no on that for me, but I see the appeal. Sex in public doesn’t suck, but in a car, a little creative positioning is sometimes necessary. I say go for any of it, so long as nobody gets hurt emotionally. The whip would hurt physically, but there’s some benefit there. 😃

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      • Well, the only woman I’ve been with in the past 25 years is my wife, so STD’s aren’t an issue. And she was on the pill for years, then had her tubes tied after the twins, so Unwanted pregnancy was/is not a concern. Now, when I was young and actively active with different partners, a condom was a given. But I hate ’em. Feels different and they’re never big enough. Getting a BJ with one on is like eating a sundae with no ice cream. I’m know they’re a necessary evil, and it’s wise to use them, but I do not miss them.

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      • You’re not missing anything. You have to keep in mind, when I became sexually active it was mid-1980’s. AIDS was nearly an epidemic at that point, so anybody with half a brain was really careful. Not that there weren’t times I didn’t use one, but for the most part, having sex of any kind was with protection.

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      • Ha! Well, not sure how wise I am, but I sure as hell didn’t want a disease. The thought of an STD kinda grosses me out. I know for certain that every one night stand I had was with a condom(s) though. And if I ever happen to be back out on the market, I still will. Hopefully that never happens. 😃

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  2. Your fantasies are not as uncommon as you think. Done all of them and yes safe sex is the way to go but not to scare you but you may want to look up at other STD’s you may not have heard of. You are just experimenting and there is nothing wrong with that as through experimentation you will find what suits you best. Did all of what you described in your fantasy except mistress was mister lol. Go to a gay bar to get picked up by men if you want to experience that avenue. I have fulfilled all of my fantasies and no I will not tell you what they were lol

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  3. I have had enough sex in cars to last a lifetime. It is better in the back of course, but being confined in the front seats also makes it a challenge, so equally enjoyable at times. I once had a large estate car, and used to drop the back seat. That was nice and roomy. You can be arrested for that of course, so you want to be careful where you are parked.
    I’m not into leather at all, and not into being spanked, humiliated, or tied up in any form. Though I would be happy to do that to someone else who wanted it done. I doubt I would function in an orgy. I probably would get it up, with other men in the room. Maybe if it was an orgy with just me and lots of women! 🙂
    I don’t fancy men at all, mainly because I don’t like body hair, facial hair, and muscles. However, I suppose that if I met a really convincing transvestite, dressed as a woman, hair-free, and sexy-looking, I might give it a try. Never say never, something I learned with experience.
    I don’t have any real fantasies these days. When I was a lot younger, I was always attracted to MUCH older women. I managed to act out that fantasy a few times in my 20s. One of the few fantasies that was as good as I had imagined, if not better. I also fancied big women, (very fat ones, with big legs and huge boobs). Managed to secure that one a couple of times too, and it was great.
    All those years around nurses when I worked as an EMT in the NHS was something of a playground, and the availability of willing females of all ages, shapes, and sizes, had to be seen to be believed.
    These days, it is mainly about fond memories for me mate!
    Cheers, Pete.

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  4. You share the same fantasies with quite a few people I think. As for me, I would not be on board with the orgy thing, and at a certain age, sex in cars is not appealing in the least – too uncomfortable – nevertheless the thrill of being caught in the act (the publicity of it) is kind of appealing. In complete contrast, I fantasize about having sex out of doors, maybe beside a rushing stream or waterfall, under the desert sky at night or on a bed of moss in a fairy tale forest. Oh and I want my partner all to myself 😉

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  6. I think your fantasies are pretty normal fantasies. There’s nothing hardcore there. I think it’s healthy to know yourself and be comfortable enough to be open about wanting to experiment with men. You might find you like it and will start to consider yourself bisexual or somewhere along the not completely straight spectrum. More choices, in any case! 😛 Like Megan, I have a sex outdoors fantasy. I’ve never been able to fulfill that one. Some of my fantasies I’ve done and want to do again like a MFF threesome. An orgy would be fun- maybe just to watch. And I’d like to see two men together live and in person. And possibly join in.

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    • As I’ve said to others, I identify as straight. But that isn’t to say that I wouldn’t in the future if something clicked with a guy, I wouldn’t consider it. It’s best to let things flow I think. You’ve had a threesome, what was it like?

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  7. I have had sex in a car on many occasions. It’s fun to do couple times in public, but not very comfortable unless you have a big car.

    I love to be spanked. I even enjoy spanking myself. I can get pretty serious with it.

    We share the others just the same. I’m not as interested in having a one on one with another man, but I am not opposed at all to a MMF time with my wife and another man. and defiantly an orgy.

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