More of My Sexual Fantasies

As the last post like this was very well received and had some very naughty ideas, I decided to share more fun my saucy fantasies with you all. Hold on, it’s about to get hot.

I’d love to perform a striptease for a girl as foreplay.

I’d dig being watched while having sex. Knowing it is turning someone on would be hot.

I’d be up for sex in the shower.

And the naughtiest, I’d love to have sex with a girl while her husband/ boyfriend pleasures himself.



53 thoughts on “More of My Sexual Fantasies

  1. Tried the shower once, but didn’t like the water running all the time. Started there, and finished on the bed. Not sure I would like a woman’s husband to be watching, I might find that strange. There are a lot of couples on the contact forums who want that sort of thing though, so you should be brave enough to give it a go!
    I would never do a ‘striptease’ unless it was really requested, as my body is likely to kill the mood!
    Cheers, Pete.

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