What I Think of When I Hear the Word Sexy

The word sexy means many varying things to different people, which is the fun of it. If we all thought the same, it would be boring. Now below are things that I think of when the word sexy comes to mind.

A laugh and wide smile always interest me in a woman. I like to see joy and humour.

A slow and smooth caress of my hair is a thrilling thought that puts me at ease.

A woman who is confident in herself and is not afraid to pull me up on my bullshit.

A womanΒ who will laugh at my sometimes terrible jokes.

A woman with long legs and a curvy figure is super sexy. Though I love all different women and celebrate their uniqueness.

A sensitivity and conviction of character always interest me in a woman.

And a woman who likes getting naked.

Now that I’ve shared mine, be certain to share yours.


34 thoughts on “What I Think of When I Hear the Word Sexy

  1. As you know, I prefer larger, curvy ladies myself, I find that sexier than ‘thin’. I also like people who are happy and confident, but looking beyond shyness and reserve can also prove to be worthwhile, because some of the nicest people are not outgoing on the surface. As far as nudity is concerned, I find some sexy undies can work for me, or a good passion-session with some clothing only partially removed. Is that enough?
    Cheers, Pete.

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    • I think curvy is beautiful and natural as opposed to skeletal. I agree about modest women too, there is something lovely there when someone doesn’t realise how gorgeous they are. Oh, lingerie is a big turn on for me.

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  2. Sexy is a fluid thing. There are way too many things I find sexy about women, of all shapes and sizes or hair and eye color, to list here. The most important thing to me is ones personality though. The way they carry themselves. How fun and funny they are.

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