In the Bathroom

She pulled me into the black coloured cubicle with a devilish look in her eyes. I was super excited as the idea of something naughty in a public place had been on my mind for a while. The thrill of possibly being caught turned me on, stemming from my longing for nakedness  that had been latent for a time but was now emerging. Her raven hair shone in the somewhat dim light, cancelling out the slightly seedy bathroom which we’d stumbled into. Slowly, she removed my jeans and grabbed my stiff cock, clenching it in her dainty but firm hands. I gasped slightly at the touch of her, she fondled with cock with a deep assurance.

“Damn”I said, trying to catch a breath “You are amazing.”

With that she started sucking my member, her red lips sliding up and down the shaft like a carnal yo-up that wouldn’t stop. Her hazel eyes watched my reactions to her oral skills, which where simply sublime. Her tongue licked the tip of my cock like a wave lapping at the sand, as my staring came to admire her perky breasts and generous bottom. A sudden chattering at the door startled me, but she kept at it with a voracious appetite.

“Just ignore it baby” she said, temporarily taking a break from her expertise in the oral department. With that, she went back to business again, making my body tingle with desire for her. Removing her mouth from my dick, she laughed quietly at the person outside the cubicle.

“Some of us need to go” came the aggrieved voice from outside. A second knock sounded loudly. I just wanted this woman to go away and leave us alone. Had she no idea that she was disturbing a horny moment? Obviously not, because she kept hitting the door. I turned my attentions back to the event in front of me.

The girl at my feet continued her display of erotic talent, getting quicker with her strokes. I felt a sensation growing stronger inside me that I couldn’t hold in anymore. I let out a stifled shout as I reached climax, it was then I noticed that the knocking at the door had stopped. I gazed down and she threw her head back in an ecstatic fashion that turned me on even more.



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