What Is The Most Amount of Times You’ve Had Sex In a Day?

A healthy sex life is always beneficial, but sometimes it’s about quality rather than quantity. It can be satisfying in a variety of forms that suit you. Today’s question is about those times where you want at it more than once in a day. Was it a marathon session? Or spaced out bouts of intimacy? Whichever, please give your answers. In case anyone is wondering, for me it is four.


35 thoughts on “What Is The Most Amount of Times You’ve Had Sex In a Day?

  1. Never really thought about it, or kept count, but I’d guess 3 or 4. Pre-kids, we’d stay in bed all day sometimes. With little kids, and until they’re about 8 or 9, we didn’t trust them to be alone for too long, so finding time was difficult. They’re older now though, so we got back in our groove a few years ago. Multiple times in a day is not unusual again, and for this I’m thankful! πŸ˜ƒ

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    • You have a good sex life it seems. Can understand it taking a dive when the kids came along. But happy you still get into the groove of things. My confidence at the minute is growing in the bedroom department.

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      • It didn’t take a dive really, either during pregnancy or after they were born. Slowed down for a couple years there, but was that having toddlers or her moms death, and aftermath? Probably both. We struggled for a couple years there. It was a perfect storm though. Preemie twins that were about 4, an autistic son at around 7, my grandpa died, and then her mom about two weeks later. It was a rough ride. We survived it though, stronger than ever.

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  2. If you mean sex with someone else, (and not knocking them out, as a horny teenager) then you beat me, as I only managed three times over one reasonably long evening session. Mind you, I was 48 at the time! When I was younger, I used to think I was lucky to get any, so generally settled for one good one!
    Cheers, Pete.

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  3. When my long distance boyfriend and I visit each other we basically make up for lost time!! I’d say the most in a 24 hour period would’ve been 6 or 7 times!! Usually the first day of our visitπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ˜‰

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  4. I think my record for one day is three, and that was on our honeymoon in late 2015. I am incredibly sensitive down there, and it’s tough for me to enjoy sex more than once in a day now. However, my husband is incredibly understanding and does everything he can to make sure our time is enjoyable and that I’m comfortable.

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