Sexy Q&A

Seeing how this blog has attained a very pleasant and wonderful response, it’s time to break out a Q&A. As this is a sexy blog, I want you to ask me naughty questions( with class of course, haha). But you can ask me anything sex related, just as long as it isn’t offensive. Anything else, please ask all you sexy people as I feel it’s going to get hot in here. I’m looking forward to your questions as a way to connect with you.


115 thoughts on “Sexy Q&A

  1. OK, as you asked, I have thought of something. Have you ever tried a bit of ‘rimming’?
    In my experience, some ladies really get off on a bit of tongue to bum action.
    (Not all of them though, so you have to judge it right.)
    Cheers, Pete.

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  2. I’ve got one, Vinnie. Being that you feel so sexy…how often do you masturbate? And do you prefer porn, the written word or your own vivid imagination as your inspiration???

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  3. Everyone thinks sex on the beach is so romantic but sand gets ‘everywhere’. !!! If you were to pick an outdoor setting for making love, what would it be?

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