What Are Your Sexual Fantasies?

A while back I did two posts that spoke of my sexual desires and what I’d like to do. So in classic fashion of my blog, I wanted to ask the question of you all. Now these can be raunchy, unusual or whatever you name it. I just want to ask, what are your sexual fantasies? Which desire would you like to let loose?


57 thoughts on “What Are Your Sexual Fantasies?

  1. I will be using a time machine of course, the only way I can recall my sexual fantasies from the distant past. They were not that kinky. In fact fairly routine stuff, at least to me!
    1) I wanted to have sex with a woman with ridiculously huge (natural) boobs. And I mean RIDICULOUSLY huge. I got to tackle some pretty hefty jugs in my time, but never managed to get to grips with any like those in my fantasy.
    2) I wanted to have a threesome with two girls/women who did some lesbian action to get me excited.
    I got tantalisingly close, but never close enough, sadly.
    3) As my first full sexual encounter was with a woman older than my Mum at the time, I later wondered about having sex with an even older woman, say aged over 70. When I was 23, I got as far as offering to take a woman of 74 home from my family’s pub, but she must have had some idea what was on my mind, when she replied “I don’t bother with all that anymore”. Now I am five years off 70 myself, that fantasy no longer applies!
    Cheers mate, Pete.

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  2. Here’s one of many that I have in my hopes that I make it as a filmmaker. I’m invited to a party at a yacht by Leonardo diCaprio against my will as I’m not really into parties. I’m just by myself as I’m seeing all of these beautiful women at the yacht as I want to leave after 30 minutes but the boat is already in the water. Then some assholes come into crash the party and start up some shit. One of them gets in my face. I ended up beating the shit out of them and threw their asses out of the yacht. Then I decide to take over everything because when it comes to being invited into the party. I am the party.

    I control the music and the atmosphere as everything goes insane but in a good way. All of these women are all over me. Next thing I know, I wake up in my hotel room with all of these naked women. Gorgeous women. Leo comes into the room and is like “what the fuck? I wanted to fuck these women!!!” I told him, “I told you not to invite me to your party”. Then Scarlett Johansson walks in the room, wearing regular clothes, and says “Steven, what you want me to do with all of the footage you shot with all of these bitches?” Leo is in shock and he looks at Scarlett who says, “this is your fault Leo”.

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  3. Two lesbians probably, sisters. I’m just watching.

    If you know where that quote comes from Vin I’ll get you a prize. No cheating.

    So this is your more adult site eh?! I look forward to seeing what shenanigans go on here 🙂

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  4. I will put myself out there. My biggest fantasy right now is to watch my wife have sex with another guy. I want to watch from the corner of the room like I’m watching a porn scene. There are many add-ons that I like such as being tied to the chair so I cannot do anything to being called in to help “finish up \ cleanup” after she has gotten what she needs.

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