Ever Dreamed of Sex on a Plane?

The other night I had quite a naughty dream that was increasingly vivid. In it, I must have been a rich guy because I was on a finely decorated plane, with my own floor. I was pouring champagne and getting intimate with a beautiful lady, on the satin seats. Soon it escalated to rampant sex, which was intoxicating. When I woke up, I swore that it was more than a dream. So have any of you out there ever dreamt of sex on a plane? Below are images that sum up my hot dream.


56 thoughts on “Ever Dreamed of Sex on a Plane?

      • I quite enjoy that. In fact, I have an idea of what happens if the people of Neighbors decide to do another film. I think it should start with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are on a plane back from Australia where the two decide to have sex in the bathroom as they try not to make any noise but people are hearing them. Then, the door is knocked as it’s one of those airplane security guys (played by Byrne’s real-life lover Bobby Cannavale) who wants to arrest them until his wife (played by Seth Rogen’s wife), who is also a security person, sees what they’re doing and tells them to finish it and then, those 2 go in for their own thing.

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  1. I have never thought about sex on a plane, as I couldn’t imagine anywhere more uncomfortable to do it. However, if you are talking private jet, Air Force One, or the Playboy Bunny jet, then that might be another story.
    Cheers, Pete.

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  2. Catching up here, Vinnie! The idea of sex on a plane has never appealed. I can’t imagine trying to maneuver in those tight compartments. Nope, I want plenty of room!

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  3. While having sex on a jet seems thrilling, not enough space and ugh the bathroom. However doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy a little foreplay in the seats πŸ˜‰
    It’s risky and thrilling having public sex

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