What’s The Best Sex You Ever Had?

Well I’m feeling hot today and wanted to celebrate by doing this post. So I was wanting to ask, what is the best sexual experience you’ve ever had? Was it something adventurous? Or just something tender and romantic? Whichever the case, please feel free to leave your answers here. And by all means ask me the same question too.


68 thoughts on “What’s The Best Sex You Ever Had?

  1. I reckon it would be when I was with that much younger girlfriend. I was 33, she was 21, and a nurse. We got down to it when she was still in uniform, and wearing black stockings and suspenders. I went down on her, then she sat on my face with her panties pulled to one side, (still dressed) and eventually mounted my cock, and rode me like a donkey, until we both came. It was not too long, but incredibly intense. I ached or a long time after that session.
    Cheers mate, Pete.

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  2. If I had to pick one time it would be the first night my husband and I were married. We had started dating three years previously and after the first couple of months we were having sex, but there was something even more special that particular night. We had a lot of hurdles to get through before we finally wed, so maybe it was just the realization that I was married to my soul mate. I dunno. I guess I’m just a romantic at heart!πŸ’–

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  3. On a 36 hour first date. After a fancy dinner and dancing at a club, I was seduced back to his beautiful home where we had sex at least once every hour for about 17 hours. We had amazing chemistry and it was all about living in the moment.
    He took me out again the next night, even stopped by the mall to get me some things to make me more comfortable, and of course we had more sex that night. We just definitely needed more sleep than anything. I was exhausted, emotionally confused from the oxytocin release in my body, but I’m definitely saving that one in the memory bank!

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