I Like

I like to hold and caress a woman

I like to runs my fingers down her back

I like the sight of her breasts

I like to serenade my lady

I like to watch her strip

I like to see her being pleased

I like hearing her moan

I like her in lacy underwear

I like to provide a service

I’ve Β shared what I like, so what do you like?


66 thoughts on “I Like

      • OK, as you are going to run through every feature, I will answer them all, in top-down order.
        Hair. I prefer short hair, like a bob. I quite like girls with no hair or close-cropped hair too, like the woman who was bald, in Star Trek. Or this girl, who was the singer in Banderas. Failing that, I am partial to a ‘beehive’, a bit like Adele.

        Eyes. I like big eyes, like the ones in Japanese cartoons. I’m not a fan of ‘piggy’ eyes, or eyes that are too close together. And I like to see a lot of eye make-up, especially the 1960s heavy black style.

        Mouth and lips. Also large for choice, with nice big soft lips, not thin ones that have no substance.

        Tits. Already covered, but the bigger the better. (Unless fake, which is a turn off)

        Armpits. Hairy or shaved, I don’t mind, as long as they are clean and fresh.

        Pussy. I quite like those with a prominent ‘bulge’, and I don’t mind hairy, or shaved.

        Bums. Shapely for choice, but small ones are OK too. I don’t mind a bit of mouth-to-bum action when the lady is very clean, but I am not interested in anal penetration. Too tight!

        Legs. Larger for preference, with nice smooth knees.

        Feet. I quite like women’s feet. But only in tights or stockings, which I think makes them look sexy.

        ‘Don’t likes’. (Before you ask)

        Skinny girls with ‘visible ribs’.

        Skinny legs with bony knees.

        Very hairy bums on women. Normally ‘inside’ the cheeks, if you get my drift.

        Unshaved legs on women. I can cope with most body hair, but not leg hair.

        Tattoos and piercings, especially pierced tongues and nipples, which turn me right off.

        Very long hair, it just gets in the way of everything.

        Women who only ever wear trousers, or denim jeans. Not interested in those.

        Smelly feet that are not well looked-after.

        Have I missed anything?

        Cheers, Pete. πŸ™‚

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      • I was only teasing mate, but thought I would cover every feature, while I was at it.
        Never liked tattoos, especially on boobs, legs, neck and face. I think they look cheap, and they don’t age well. A 75 year old woman covered in tattoos is not a pretty sight, I can tell you. (From experience) People don’t think about getting older, when they get themselves painted up. Mind you, this is not sexist, as I don’t like them on men either.
        Then again, I am a very old-fashioned kind of guy!

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