What Do You Like About Breasts?

This is going to be a running series asking you all about the reasons you like sexual body parts. Today I’m asking about breasts. What is it that fascinates many with them? Whatever you think, be sure to comment.

And if anyone was curious about what I like about breasts, here are my reasons:

  • The perkiness of them
  • The shape of them
  • The feel of them

The next topics will be butts, balls, penis and pussy.


55 thoughts on “What Do You Like About Breasts?

  1. It’s a big list!

    1) Very big ones. They can’t be too big for me.
    2) When they dangle in your face to be sucked.
    3) Putting your cock between them.
    4) Sucking both nipples at once by squidging them together.
    5) Rolling them around.
    6) Watching them drop to the side when the lady is lying on her back.
    7) Watching them flap about or up and down, in any situation.
    8( Huge nipples.
    9) Huge areolas.
    10) Nipple erection.
    11) The bits that don’t fit in the bra, and spill out over the top and sides.
    12) Really saggy ones that hang down and touch the mattress.
    13) Really firm ones that don’t.
    14) Pretty much anything to do with tits really, except any surgically enhanced ones, which I hate with a vengeance.

    I think that covers it. πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Pete.

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