My Idea of Romance

I’m going to go all romantic on everyone now, and a bit more suave than usual. While I’ve never really experienced romance before, I like to think that someday it will present itself. And when it does, here are some of the things I believe it will be like.

  • A nice stroll along the beach at nighttime.
  • A candlelit dinner cooked by the not so prepared me.
  • A trail of roses leading to a finely made bed.
  • Marvin Gaye and Barry White serenading in the background.
  • Laughing and embracing until the early morning.
  • Beautiful love being made.

So call me cheesy, but I’d love me some of that.


33 thoughts on “My Idea of Romance

  1. I think it is all out there mate. It will not always happen in that order of course, but you will no doubt experience each one someday. If you put flowers on or in a bed, make sure it’s a hotel bed. Petals can make a mess of the sheets.
    Cheers, Pete.

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  2. Not cheesy at all. Our first kiss happened on our first date, after a lovely dinner that turned into a romantic walk on the boardwalk at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. I felt like I was in a Nicholas Sparks novel. And now, almost seven years later, I think about that night, and I melt a little.

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