I am of the school of thought that life is about exploration. I mean, who wants to just be hold up with the same old thing every day? That can be great for some, but lately I’ve found that exploration is fun. And sexual exploration is something that is for all of us. So if you want to try something different, I say go for it.


Tell Me Something Sexy

Lately, I’ve been under the weather with a darn cold. I’m slowly getting better again. One thing I know that will spring my recovery is some naughty talking and sexiness. So please, regale me with sexy stories as they would be appreciated.

A Touch of Romance

Despite not having had that many relationships, I consider myself an old romantic of sorts. I think the pleasures of being with another are beautiful and should be treasured. I’d love to write a love letter to the girl of my dreams. I’d adore a cosy night by the fire. I’d very much enjoy a kiss under the moonlight. Call me cliched, but I’m something of a dreamer. Maybe all that awaits me, who knows?

What Do You Like About Vaginas?

This time it’s the turn to ask why people like vaginas? Why is there a fascination with them? For me here’s a few things that I love about them:

  • I like to provide pleasure to them, whether that be oral or with my cock.
  • I like a little bit of hair too.
  • I like the way they feel during sex.

You’ve heard my reasons, what about yours?