What Do You Like About Testicles?

Gonads, plums, balls, whatever you call them. What is it about the testicles that fascinates or causes enjoyment? Well for me, I like it when;

  • My testicles are cupped or fondled
  • When a tongue goes over them
  • Or the sound of them smacking against a lovely, peachy bum.

But now it’s your turn to enlighten me on your likes.


Strip For You

I’ll strip for you

When the music’s right

I’ll strip for you

Until clothing is out of sight

I’ll strip for you

In public or at home

Whatever gets you going

Is where I want to roam

I’ll strip for you

And await my gift

Of watching you strip

And seeing your shyness drift


What are Your Favourite Movie Sex Scenes?

For this post, I thought it would be good to combine my love of movies and erotica for some question time. So I ask you all, what are your favourite sex scenes in movies? Which sexy couple getting hot between the sheets really gets you going? For me, Basic Instinct is one hot movie with copious great sex scenes in it. But what about all of you?

Fever Dreams

Whenever I’m without you

My heart is on the line

Though I’ve got so many memories

Of when our bodies intertwine

You may be far or near

Or a thousand miles away

My mind is spinning fever dreams

That continue on replay

More of My Likes

I like a girl to squeeze my ass during sex

I like to suck on nipples

I love to be spanked

I like to fuck against the wall

I like to watch breasts bouncing during sex

I like to provide oral pleasure

Anyone else share these likes?


What Do You Like About Asses?

The second instalment of this series is asking about asses. Bums, butts, bottoms, peaches, what ever you refer to it as. What is it that makes them desirable and so arousing?
For me that would be:

The roundness
The firmness
The sensuality of it swaying
The tightness

I’ve shared my reasons, now it’s time for yours.

My Idea of Romance

I’m going to go all romantic on everyone now, and a bit more suave than usual. While I’ve never really experienced romance before, I like to think that someday it will present itself. And when it does, here are some of the things I believe it will be like.

  • A nice stroll along the beach at nighttime.
  • A candlelit dinner cooked by the not so prepared me.
  • A trail of roses leading to a finely made bed.
  • Marvin Gaye and Barry White serenading in the background.
  • Laughing and embracing until the early morning.
  • Beautiful love being made.

So call me cheesy, but I’d love me some of that.

More Sexiness

I like to be the provider of sexiness and I never want to disappoint. So here’s a collection of shots that scream hot stuff. And before I forget, thanks to everyone for your response to these posts. You’ve all been dandy followers and friends.