In the Bathroom

She pulled me into the black coloured cubicle with a devilish look in her eyes. I was super excited as the idea of something naughty in a public place had been on my mind for a while. The thrill of possibly being caught turned me on, stemming from my longing for nakedness  that had been latent for a time but was now emerging. Her raven hair shone in the somewhat dim light, cancelling out the slightly seedy bathroom which we’d stumbled into. Slowly, she removed my jeans and grabbed my stiff cock, clenching it in her dainty but firm hands. I gasped slightly at the touch of her, she fondled with cock with a deep assurance.

“Damn”I said, trying to catch a breath “You are amazing.”

With that she started sucking my member, her red lips sliding up and down the shaft like a carnal yo-up that wouldn’t stop. Her hazel eyes watched my reactions to her oral skills, which where simply sublime. Her tongue licked the tip of my cock like a wave lapping at the sand, as my staring came to admire her perky breasts and generous bottom. A sudden chattering at the door startled me, but she kept at it with a voracious appetite.

“Just ignore it baby” she said, temporarily taking a break from her expertise in the oral department. With that, she went back to business again, making my body tingle with desire for her. Removing her mouth from my dick, she laughed quietly at the person outside the cubicle.

“Some of us need to go” came the aggrieved voice from outside. A second knock sounded loudly. I just wanted this woman to go away and leave us alone. Had she no idea that she was disturbing a horny moment? Obviously not, because she kept hitting the door. I turned my attentions back to the event in front of me.

The girl at my feet continued her display of erotic talent, getting quicker with her strokes. I felt a sensation growing stronger inside me that I couldn’t hold in anymore. I let out a stifled shout as I reached climax, it was then I noticed that the knocking at the door had stopped. I gazed down and she threw her head back in an ecstatic fashion that turned me on even more.


I’m Back Again and Feeling Sexy!

OK, so maybe the title is overdoing it but I don’t care. I hope everyone is doing good. I am now back from my mini break and it was hot.  I promise to bless you all with naughtiness a plenty and maybe a story or two. For now though, here’s some gifs that may give you some ideas of what I’ve been up to. It’s up to all of you to guess which of these I took part in.


I already spoke about this on my main blog, but for those who haven’t seen it or just follow this site, I wanted to tell you that from Tuesday to Monday I’ll be somewhat absence. I have other family plans and fun to do, but I promise to be back. In the meantime picture me in the sexy situations below.

What I Think of When I Hear the Word Sexy

The word sexy means many varying things to different people, which is the fun of it. If we all thought the same, it would be boring. Now below are things that I think of when the word sexy comes to mind.

A laugh and wide smile always interest me in a woman. I like to see joy and humour.

A slow and smooth caress of my hair is a thrilling thought that puts me at ease.

A woman who is confident in herself and is not afraid to pull me up on my bullshit.

A woman who will laugh at my sometimes terrible jokes.

A woman with long legs and a curvy figure is super sexy. Though I love all different women and celebrate their uniqueness.

A sensitivity and conviction of character always interest me in a woman.

And a woman who likes getting naked.

Now that I’ve shared mine, be certain to share yours.


I watched as her hands massaged  her small but very pert breasts, water cascaded over them and her black hair like a fountain of love. She smiled as she eyed me up and down; her feline eyes glistening under the shower water. Steam enveloped her legs, which was a shame as they were the legs a supermodel has. I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the spectacle in front of me. Here was a gorgeous woman who for whatever reason was interested in me. She had the most enticing smile known to man, which stirred a feeling in my loins. Her body was curvaceous and womanly, a vision of splendour in the sweltering setting that made my cock hard. I dropped my towel, revealing my Crown Jewels to her. Seductively touching her thighs, she bit her lip at what she saw. But being the tease that she was, she turned around revealing her prominent bottom. This sight drove me wild and I began playing with my cock, grunting like a caveman. Her hearing must have been alert, for she spun around and began to sway rhythmically for my enjoyment .  I was in complete heaven at the sight of her nude body, all for the entertainment of my sexual desire.

Much time passed as she swayed to her imaginary beat, the water nourishing her body like a lovelorn sweetheart. She beckoned me with her fingers, to which I obliged. I strode towards the shower, my eyes wild and my body tingling in anticipation. I stepped into the  cubicle of love, my hands caressed her hips.

“Come on baby, it’s time you were all wet for me” she purred, stroking my cock as she said this. My heart was racing as I joined her for what would be a hot session.

Inspiring Me

Your very body

Inspires me

It moves my heart

And lights a fire in me

Your long legs

And golden hair

Are as smooth and sexy

As your bottom bare

Your lips are luscious

And made for kissing

And your look says

This is what I’ve been missing







Feeling Hot

The weather where I have been has been scorching and sultry. And so have I! After getting some action under my belt I feel inspired. So below are images to signify that hot feeling.

More of My Sexual Fantasies

As the last post like this was very well received and had some very naughty ideas, I decided to share more fun my saucy fantasies with you all. Hold on, it’s about to get hot.

I’d love to perform a striptease for a girl as foreplay.

I’d dig being watched while having sex. Knowing it is turning someone on would be hot.

I’d be up for sex in the shower.

And the naughtiest, I’d love to have sex with a girl while her husband/ boyfriend pleasures himself.