Naughty Search Terms

My good buddy Mike inspired to do a post like this, as he himself does really entertaining ones on strange search terms that lead people to his blog. So now it’s my turn for some, enjoy:
Willy Slap Guy

Vinnie big ass

Rode like a donkey

Peachy bottoms on display

Three way sex with strange man

Which boobs are better?

Fucked with boots on

Little dicks are better

What’s The Most Vigorous Sex You Ever Had?

Vigorous sex rocks, correct me if I’m wrong. But there’s something about an intense fuck that really satisfies. So I’m asking you today, what’s the most vigorous sex you ever had? Hot and heavy are the order of the day, so keep the answers flowing. And feel free to ask me about my experiences.

Love Is Love

Most of my posts here are raunchy but I wanted to be serious today. I am the kind of person who accepts everyone. I don’t believe in prejudice whatsoever as we are all different, but deserve the same right. What I want to say is, love is love. If two people love each other, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or anything else, it should be their decision. So I stand here to say, love who you want and be happy everyone. You deserve to be you and not demeaned for anything. All are welcome here.

Some Naughty and Revealing Facts About Me

As I grow more confident with my blog and myself, I dos over that I’m being more open which is a good thing. All of you followers are so supportive and cool, I couldn’t do this without you. Which is why I want to share some naughty, revealing and maybe embarrassing facts about me. Be warned, much awkwardness may follow.

The first time I masturbated, my mum caught me.

I lost my virginity at the age of 18.

I’ve got quite hairy genitals that I will never shave.

My neighbour once caught me having sex in the garden.

I recently did the full Monty for charity.

I was recently told that my voice created a deeply sensual sensation in someone.

I am writing this post naked.

My Love

You are out there

I know it in my heart

You are out there

Waiting for it to start

You are out there

For my desperate hours

You are out there

When my backbone devours

You are out there

Like a beautiful dove

You are out there

My sweet and only love


Hot For You

In the shower I stand

With my cock in my hand

Stoking it softly

While you watch it expand

The water on my body

Makes you weak at the knees

And judging by my expression

You know I’m eager to please

*I felt I had to write this poem because for some reason getting a shower often makes me horny.

I Like

I like to hold and caress a woman

I like to runs my fingers down her back

I like the sight of her breasts

I like to serenade my lady

I like to watch her strip

I like to see her being pleased

I like hearing her moan

I like her in lacy underwear

I like to provide a service

I’ve ¬†shared what I like, so what do you like?

What’s The Best Sex You Ever Had?

Well I’m feeling hot today and wanted to celebrate by doing this post. So I was wanting to ask, what is the best sexual experience you’ve ever had? Was it something adventurous? Or just something tender and romantic? Whichever the case, please feel free to leave your answers here. And by all means ask me the same question too.